Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guess I have decent marketing skills :) Blogspot, if you're listening, I've got a fantastic writer to contribute to your site. And in true Bond style - Swathi.... Swathi Meenakshi is the name :) And to all the people out there... BEWARE! :P This girl is going to win the Booker or the Pulitzer in the near future... I can bet my bottom dollar on that... ( pretty expensive now... considering the dollar's going at nearly 50 Rupees! ) Swathi , you'd better get me good returns on my investment :) Your first lesson on how to manage people's money ... :P

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SSM said...

Thank you so much(now i must've said this line a million times already!). But you again proved what i wrote about your honesty in my post(without intending to do so)when you mentioned something about the Booker!And isn't Bond style supposed to be "Bond....James Bond"?:P.About your marketing skills all i would say is "You take great risks.May you be rewarded with greater bounty!":)